Welcome to the Future Home of Gen-V Nation

Gen-V Nation is a global community of people who share the desire to live, love, work, and lead from a deep commitment to Generating Value (Gen-V). In that spirit, “Gen-V’ers” adopt a “valuegenic” mindset and make the practice of asking and answering what we call, The Central Question of Life Love and Leadership, the core intention of all their choices, actions, and interactions:

What choice can I make and action can I take,
in this moment, to create the greatest net value?

Gen-V Nation is both a personal journey (a transformation of self) and a global movement (a transformation of our social, business, and political norms) anchored in ground-breaking scientific discoveries pertaining to:

  1. Formal Axiology: the natural laws of value dynamics (how value – goodness – is created and destroyed in the world), and
  2. Neuro-Cognitive Sciences: the evolving discoveries of how the human mind-brain works relative to value and value creation.

The integration of these two sciences has given rise to the new science of neuro-axiology and a host of groundbreaking new insights, principles, and practices for unleahsing human potential.

From this science, we recognize that the first principle of  Gen-V Nation is that learning to ask and accurately answer The Central Question is the key to unlocking our individual and collective potential as human beings.

Gen-V Nation is not about sacrificing your abundance and prosperity for the benefit of others, nor is it about claiming your own abundance and prosperity at the expense of others.

Gen-V Nation is about being personally accountable and responsible for the value we create, recognizing that an abundant quality of life is not just something we earn, but something we create — with and for each other. Indeed, we are all in this together.

“Citizenship” in Gen-V Nation begins with a commitment to making The Central Question, the prime inquiry of your everyday life.

Great leadership begins with great self-leadership. Once we officially launch, citizens of Gen-V Nation will have access to a variety of cutting-edge resources and learning and development opportunities to help them make a bigger difference in their life, their relationships, their work, and their world.

As a whole, Gen-V Nation, has no political, religious, or moral agenda other than maximizing people’s potential to create value and improve quality of life for all.

However, as a “Global Movement to Make of the World” through the valuegenic principles of neuro-axiology, our collective activities shall be guided by the science and our member “citizens” will be voices of influence against political, religious, social, economic, or cultural forces that intentionally or unintentionally undermine value creation.

We will look to create local, regional, national, and international meet-ups, events, and conferences, both in-person and virtual. We will offer learning and development opportunities as well as business opportunities for people who wish to take on various leadership roles to help bring the vision of Gen-V Nation to both the business world and the public at-large.

Join the movement. Step up to Leadership. For the sake of future generations, let’s work together to make over the world.

“Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value.”
~ Albert Einstein

Feel free to substitute the word “person” for the word “man.”